Prince of Mecca: More than 1.6 million pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia so far

8 March 2021
1 year ago
Houthis claim that Saudi army lost equipment and several soldiers east to Mount Dud in eastern Jazan
Prince of Mecca: More than 1.6 million pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia so far
Arab coalition fighters launched raids on the positions of militias Houthi in the Sohar directorate Sohar in Saada, northern Yemen
Ministry of Hajj: We call on Qatar not to withhold the new link and facilitate the pilgrimage of its Qatari citizens and brothers
1 year ago
Spokesman of Houthis: ballistic missile type "Badr F" strike on the camp of Saudi army south of Najm off Najran, led to dozens of dead and wounded
1 year ago
The Arab Coalition: Al-Houthi militia claims through its media outlets its control over Saudi military sites in Najran and Jizan during the past few days area false
Saudi Arabia: New amendments grant women rights within civil status and employment systems
Facebook says it dismantles covert influence campaign tied to Saudi government
1 year ago
Houthis: Zalzal-1 ballistic missile targeted gathering of Arab coalition forces in Al Ajashr between Najran and Al Jouf causing multiple casualties
Houthis spokesman: will reveal tomorrow details of the new missile that targeted Dammam, with pictures and videos of the missile launch
Yemeni Prime Minister: Houthi militias continue to implement the agendas of Iran
Yemeni Prime Minister: Houthi escalation comes in conjunction with international efforts, it is an indication of rejection of peace by them
The Yemeni government: The destructive role of Iran is confirmed by supporting the Houthis and supplying them with ballistic missiles
Saudi ambassador to Yemen accuses Iran of being behind the Aden attacks
1 year ago
Saudi Ambassador to Yemen: The simultaneous targeting by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia of Aden is a strong indicator of uniting its objectives with ISIS and Al Qaeda
Head of Yemeni government: simultaneous targeting by Houthi the security of Aden confirms coordination and integration under clear Iranian patronage
Houthis: the military and vital areas of Arab coalition have become legitimate targets and may be targeted at any moment as long as the aggression and siege continued
1 year ago
The military spokesman of the Houthis: Our forces targeted a military post in the Saudi city of Dammam with a ballistic missile
Houthi rebel officials in Yemen are threatening to launch "higher impact airstrikes" on targets inside Saudi Arabia using drone aircraft and ballistic missiles in retaliation for recent Saudi attacks on locations in Yemen
Iranian Foreign Minister: We are ready for dialogue if Saudi Arabia is ready as well
Arabia Foundation @ArabiaFdn Think Tank Shutting Down Completely and Immediately. Decision "due to differences of opinion amongst its donors."
Pres won triple veto victory last night. Senate failed to override any of the three bills he vetoed last week that would have blocked US arms sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE and others. Votes to override Trump's vetoes failed, 45-40, 45-39 and 46-41. A 2/3rds was needed in each case
1 year ago
Houthis: foiled an attack by the Saudi army off Mount Qais in Jizan
1 year ago
Houthis claimed seizure of 3 positions of Arab coalition-backed forces and the burning of a Bradley vehicle with ATGM during the offensive operation off al-Sudais
Key Trump insiders have pushed proposal to build dozens of nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia while seeking to avoid restrictions on transfer of US nuclear technology and have stood to profit from the effort, Oversight investigative report says
1 year ago
Colonel al-Maliki: We are working with the elders of Al-Thabet to transfer the wounded in Houthi bombing to Jazan
Al-Maliki: Al-Houthi targeted Al-Thabit for support of legitimate government
Yemeni Information Minister: Houthi militias committed a heinous massacre of civilians by shelling the market in Saada
1 year ago
Houthi TV reported at least 13 civilians were killed and 23 others were injured in Arab coalition raid targeting a village market in Thabet in the Kataber district, in Saada province in northern Yemen
1 year ago
Houthis Minister of Health: There are more than 10 serious cases among the wounded of the Saudi bombing on the Al-Thabet market in the Directorate of Katabar. There are a number of unidentified bodies
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