Saudi Arabia in a letter to the UN Security Council: We are dealing with an organized terrorist attack

Map. History of Saudi Arabia conflict

25 February 2021
Arab Coalition in Yemen: Destroyed 4 sites in Hodeidah to collect and assemble remote-controlled booby-trapped boats and sea mines
The local authority in Hadramout: 5 Saudi soldiers, including the commander of coalition forces in the valley, were killed in two simultaneous attacks
Saudi minister says complacency towards Iran will encourage further hostilities - Twitter
House Armed Services Committee members to receive briefing from DoD/State Dept on Saudi Arabia attacks at 4 pm et today
Saudi Arabia MFA Al-Jubeir: The international community must shoulder its responsibilities and take a tough stance on Iran's criminal behavior
1 year ago
Head of Russian Foreign Intelligence service: Iran should not be accused in Aramco attacks without specific proofs
Pentagon not ready to say attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities came from Iran: "We're going to allow the Saudis to make the declarations on where they believe the attacks came from and the ultimate responsibility," Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman tells reporters
Saudi King: Attacks on Aramco are criminal acts and are aimed at regional security and stability and global energy supplies
Saudi media: Saudi officer killed after an explosive device blast in Hadramout, eastern Yemen
US DoD on ARAMCO strikes in Saudi Arabia: "Regardless of whether this was a proxy or direct attack, this has been a dramatic escalation of what we've seen in the past"
Pentagon: unprecedented sophisticated weapons were used in the attack on Aramco
A spokesman for @thejointstaff says @CENTCOM is talking with Saudi Arabia about "potential ways to look at mitigating future attacks"
Pentagon: We are consulting with Saudi Arabia to reach the full facts about the Aramco attack
The Pentagon says Saudi Arabia has been very effective in dealing with Houthi missiles in the south
The Pentagon: Our goal is to deter escalation and conflict, not war
Pentagon: All indications are that Iran is responsible for the Aramco attack
Pentagon on Aramco attacks response: We present several options to President Trump who decides
Pentagon: We are working with Saudi Arabia to assess what happened in the Aramco attack
Arab Coalition in Yemen: Houthi militia launched a remote-controlled booby-trapped boat from Hodeidah
NSC meeting today to refine potential targets to strike in Iran. Strikes could focus on "sites where Iran launches cruise missiles & drones, & where the weaponry is stored" coupled with diplomatic outreach at UNGA
Pakistani Prime Minister stresses his country's strong condemnation of sabotage attacks on Aramco
Iranian Foreign Ministry: If The United States or its allies strike Iran militarily, our response will be broad and devastating
Air raid sirens being tested in Saudi capital Riyadh
1 year ago
Hothis: Saudi coalition forces were targeted with 2 Zalzal 1 ballistic rockets at the border crossing point between Asir and Saada
Ending visit to Saudi Arabia and UAE, @SecPompeo says he didn't hear anybody who doubted that Iran was behind the attacks on the Saudi oil facilities. Says there's an "enormous consensus" Iran was responsible. And he has "important information" for @POTUS on how to respond
Pompeo: We are looking for a peaceful solution in the region while Tehran continues its threats of war
Saudi Arabia with a letter to the UN Security Council: All indications are that the weapons used in the Aramco attack are Iranian
Saudi Arabia in a letter to the UN Security Council: We are dealing with an organized terrorist attack
Secretary of State Pompeo says "fingerprints of the ayatollah" all over Saudi oil attack, blaming Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
1 year ago
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov calls on countries in the region to start a dialogue aimed at reducing tensions in the Gulf
Trump on Iran: it's possible we won't have a peaceful solution
Iraqi National Oil Company denies Saudi Arabia's request to Iraq to provide crude oil
1 year ago
Saudi naval forces blow up Houthi booby-trapped boats in the Red Sea
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran Zarif threatens with "all-out war" in the case of a military strike against Iran
UAE Ambassador to Saudi Arabia: Our country will remain neighbor, brother, friend and ally of the Kingdom in good and bad times
US Secretary of State: We appreciate the announcement by Saudi Arabia and the UAE of their participation in enhancing maritime security
Saudi Stock Exchange Executive: The market is ready to launch Aramco
French army spokesman announces 7 experts sent to Saudi Arabia to investigate Aramco attack
Saudi Arabia - Pompeo leaves Jeddah for Abu Dhabi
Abaqiq facility damage
CCTV footage showing, according to the Saudi MOD drone attacking one of the oil facilities
1 year ago
Statement from Gen. McKenzie @CENTCOM Commander: "US Central Command welcomes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into the International Maritime Security Construct (IMSC). I appreciate His Majesty King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud's decision to join the IMSC & in taking an active role"
1 year ago
Saudi Crown Prince meets US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Jeddah
Trump says he's got time to devise a "dastardly" response to the attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities, which the U.S. has blamed on Iran
"If we have to do something, we'll do it without hesitation," adds @POTUS. "There are many options. There's the ultimate option," he says, referring to war
"A sign of strength" how he's held back against Iran, says @POTUS to reporters. "How did going into Iraq work out?"
[email protected]: "This is an attack of a scale we've just not seen before"
Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif: Trump is escalating his economic war on the Iranian people
Pompeo describes attack on Saudi oil installations as "an act of war"
Pompeo: There is no evidence that Iraq is the source of the attack on Saudi Arabia
UN Secretary-General: I am in close contact with the leaders of the region and we are doing our best to reduce the tension and escalation there
1 year ago
Saudi oil attacks an 'act of war': Pompeo
1 year ago
The British Prime Minister condemns the attacks on oil facilities belonging to Aramco during a telephone conversation with the US President
According to Houthi military spokesman: "We have dozens of targets in the UAE that we have selected. in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and they may be hit at any moment."
1 year ago
Pompeo in Jeddah: The attack on Saudi Arabia was not carried out by the Houthis, but it was an Iranian attack
UN chief: We will send experts to Saudi Arabia to investigate Aramco attacks
Houthis Military spokesman: The United States have published fake pictures of the damage at Aramco facilities
Houthis Spokesman: Our forces can manufacture and produce many drones in a record time
Military spokesman for the Houthis: The new drones feature jet engines and fission heads
Remains of the missiles which KSA says were used to attack an @Saudi_Aramco facility displayed during a news conference in Riyadh. (@REUTERS photo by Hamad I Mohammed)
Saudi Arabia Ministry of Defense spokesman Turki al-Maliki: We are working with the United States to share intelligence information
Saudi Arabia Ministry of Defense: Our air defenses destroyed 282 ballistic missiles and 258 UAVs
Photos confirm drones AND missiles were used in Iran attack on Saudi. Saudi DOD claims attack clearly came from the north, not south
Video: Debris shown by the Saudi Defense Ministry proving Iran's involvement in Aramco's attack
Saudi Arabia says attack on oil installations involved 18 drones and 7 cruise missiles, 3 of which fell short of their target
Saudi Arabia Ministry of Defense: Investigations are continuing to determine the exact location of launch of drones and missiles
Turki al-Maliki: Iranian-made "Delta-Wing" UAVs participated in the attack on Aramco
Turki al-Maliki: The attack on Aramco oil facilities shows that the Iranian regime is targeting civilians and infrastructure
Turki al-Maliki: Iran is behind the attacks on Aramco
Turki al-Maliki: Iran tried to falsify the fact that the attack on Aramco came from the north
"This attack on the oil refinery is by any definition an act of war" - Senator @LindseyGrahamSC
Turki al-Maliki: We call on the international community to recognize the malicious Iranian attacks
Turki al-Maliki: The attack on Aramco not only targets Saudi Arabia, but the whole world
Saudi Defense Ministry spokesman Turki al-Maliki: Saudi Arabia is able to defend its infrastructure
Saudi press conference: 7 drone wreckages on display - labeled as Iranian Delta Wing UAVs - and two missiles - labeled as 'misfired LACM' (Land Attack Cruise Missile)
Here It Is. The 'material Evidence' Which The Saudi Government Says They Collected From The Sites Of The Weekend Attacks (and The Attack On Afif Oil Facility In May) And Which They Say Proves That Iran Was Responsible For The Attacks. News Conference Live
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